X-Factor in Gaming (GTT)

To bridge the gap between lack of understanding of Venture Capitalist and funding process in gaming industry, IPC Ventures spreadheaded a new gaming investment initiative.  It’s called Gaming Top Talent (GTT) – an xfactor style competition with  gaming studios.  It was conceptionalized and led by our Managing Partner who was also the Managing Partner at IPC Ventures at the time.…

Websummit – Superbowl for Geeks

Super bowl for the geekies.. Happen twice a year.. Putting side by side Web Summit ‘16 and Slush ’15… With WS moved to Lisbon in one big conference center, they up the level playing field and the scale of the venue is comparable.. But slush is still more playful…

VIEW Conference (the AMZ VIEW!)

An aspiring week with influx of knowledge and updates by the top leaders in computer animation and graphics of the like from Pixar, Lucasfilm, Disney, WB and more. An early peek to the future – VR.. One day it will happen, for now is experimental.

MIPCOM in Cannes

With the rising disruption in the TV industry by new players (or new kids on the block in this 100 years old industry?) like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more.. the bar is definitely getting higher…  The quality of new TV drama series productions is getting much higher and closer to movie.  With title like The Halcyon backed with bigger budget…

Youtube in Cannes

Good one… all is surfacing at Cannes… The convergence is happening, had been happening but seeing a traditional big old outfit joining the party is refreshing… it’s a statement and more to the progress..