BIG news #Aggretsuko IS ON #MomentSQ

   BIG NEWS!! @Aggretsuko IS ON #MomentSQ from AVM Lab; FIRST interactive game w/ #Retsuko, #fenneko, #haida; Collaboration w/ @sanrio @retsuko_sanrio @retsuko_anime @WeRHelloKitty. We will do more Twitch play sessions with Dayeanne Hutton!  (@dayebraham_lincoln); Stay Tuned. Experience the interactive @Aggretsuko story you wouldn’t ever be able to elsewhere,  even not @netflix   CAN’T WAIT?  Check out the MomentSQ Game now; Showcasing at #GDC2019   

#Twitch x #dayebraham_lincoln x #MomentSQ

    SWEET!! Twitch play session moderated by Dayeanne Hutton!  (@dayebraham_lincoln) Dayeanne Hutton – actress of “Harriet Smith” @ Emma Approved To interact with the cast and influence the story, the watchers can vote for the next message / choice to be taken. CAN’T WAIT?  Check out the MomentSQ Game now  

#MilaFilm is #MilaMovement with #MilaMoment

Introducing #MilaFilm and #MilaMoment… And #letsmakeadifference. A good story, good inspiration can be told in various formats, media and with different purposes.  The magic of animation, interactive platform or simply some good doodling is a powerful and amazing storytelling tool.  It can convey a strong and meaning message in a lighthearted way.  We can immerse the audience in a new…

Live your Moment

Life is like a game, choose and live your moment.  You might pick the wrong choice(s), life would end up in a different twist and turn.  MomentSQ™, an interactive story game platform, offers immersive experience to meet and interact with the characters like your own friends in a chat messenger format.  Unlike in your daily life, you can experiment and…

Video Game Live

Video Games Live – concerts consist of segments of video game music performed by a live orchestra with video footage and synchronized lighting and effects,[2] as well as several interactive segments with the audience.  This is probably the most amazing and extensive live game music ever seen.  This time is all game segments from Blizzard.

London Games

Dinning at the Harry Potter’s Great Hall is definitely the highlight but getting to know and learn about the UK/London Games landscape and talents in a shanktank-like style is equally great.

BAFTA Games Awards

BAFTA Games Awards (UK version of Oscar for film and it has added Games for 13 years) in April, 2017; this is probably the most formal games awards and ceremony ever, the trophy in the bottom left corner was the Best Mobile Game award won by Pokemon Go, just happened sitting next to the founder, John Hanke.

Blockchain in Gaming

Blockchain and crytocurrency, aka token revolutionalize various aspects of digital applications and also the economy of digital media, asset and goods.  Instead of crowdfunding, VC, or maybe IPO in the future, creative business can raise money in the open public market via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the fastest speed in history, this is a real game changer for creative…