#MilaMoment is an interactive game on #MomentSQ based on the original story of Mila by Cinzia Angelini and game narrative by Jenny Wiik.  Tag along your new friends Will, Sarah, and DJ, and meet Mila, a 78-year old WWII surviivor.  You will discover a world of adventure and travel in time.  What are you waiting for?  Start the journey and meet who made history!  The #MilaMoment game is inspired by the Milafilm production.  Watch the trailer and find out more on the official website.


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The first Moment (episode) free, click the “free” button now to sign up and play.  
You can pre-order Mila Moment 2-3 here and you will receive it in MomentSQ app.


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1) Prologue: Meeting Mila
Meet your new friends Sarah, Will, and DJ and visit Mila. How did she survive WWII? Get a glimpse of her adventurous life…and a delicious peach pie too!




2) A Kiss in Florence
Mila takes you behind the scenes of a fashion shown in the beautiful Florence in Italy. #MomentSQ beta signup

Her story begins when she is 16 years old. She meets a flamboyant and cruel fashion designer, makes a friend for life, and experiences her first kiss. 



3) The Last Voyage of The Queen Mary
In 1967 Mila sets sail to New York on board of the famous ship Queen Mary together with Sofia.  #MomentSQ beta signupAnd they meet an intriguing young lady on her way to Broadway



Each character comes in the form of a hand-painted cute doll.
With your purchase you will support the production of the #Milafilm too.
Xmas Mila version is already available for pre-order (last day: Nov, 26th)