Story by Zachary Sergi, an established writer especially in Super-hero stories including “Heroes Rise Trilogy and The Hero Project”, in the #HotHMoment game, join the Heroes of the Hollows (HotH), a squad of the superheroes sworn to protect your hometown and its corporate founder, The Holos Corp.  Decide how to run missions, use your special abilities, and which teammates will be your best friends, rivals… or something deeper.  This Heroes of the Hollow interactive story and game provides extended immersive experience from MomentSQ.

3 Moments (episodes) #MomentSQ beta signup

The first Moment (episode) free, click the “free” button now to sign up and play.  
You can pre-order Heroes of The Hollows Moment 2-3 here and you will receive it in MomentSQ app.

1) Day of the Daylongs!

Meet your heroic teammates and Holo twin partner on a routine patrolMomentSQ game signup,
which turns out to be anything but typical.  In the midst of a battle using your special abilities, will  you forge new friendships, romances, or rivalries?


2) HotH Five
Battle the mysterious intruder attacking The Holos Corp and see what clues the Heroes of The Hollows #MomentSQ beta signup can decipher together, as the team stumbles onto its next mystery-solving mission. And meet your very own holographic pet, Oaty the Artillery Unicorn!   



3) Twinwork
Track down the mysterious intruder and battle for your life alongside the Daylong twins. Along the way, #MomentSQ beta signup discuss the existence of Holos and deepen your relationship with your budding sidekick, crush… or something potentially more devious?