Based on the story by Bernie Su, Emmy Awarded writer, in the #EmmaApprovedMoment game, join as a digital internship at lifestyle group Emma Approved and build relationships, plan events and make lives better.  This Emma Approved interactive story and game is inspired by the Emma Approved web series production and provides extended immersive experience from #MomentSQ.

6 Moments (episodes) #MomentSQ beta signup

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1) Welcome!
You’re the new intern at Emma Approved.  Let Harriet get you up to speed and introduce you to the team!




2) New Client!
It’s time to make someone’s life better! Meet Emma Appro#MomentSQ beta signupved’s new client and jump into the arrangements for the best wedding ever!   



3) Details!
The devil is in the details. Help the new client plan their #MomentSQ beta signupdream wedding while helping them with their nerves.




4) Cold feet!
All brides get a little cold feet… right?  Help the team to solve a #MomentSQ beta signup pre-wedding crisis.




5) On the Line!
Time is getting short, help the client to solidify their plans! Also,  #MomentSQ beta signup it’s time for  your performance review.




6) Big News!
At Emma Approved, we take surprises in stride! Or do we? #MomentSQ beta signup




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