AVM Lab is a digital media technology and development collective group and lab.  We partner with the best digital technologist and creative.  Collective by definition means cooperative enterprise in which individual or companies work together to pursue common creative problem and solutions.  Collectively we develop our own open and proprietary technology such as post production movie platform that turns live-action movie into an interactive game or programmatic content or game engine to allow scalable and fast paced content automation to live support the massive demanded video/mobile games.

On top of our technology, we produce and develop a variety of digital media and entertainment content including games, movies, art and more.

We also represent and publish other amazing content.  We look for and discover the next ‘big thing’, so we love independent titles and productions.

Reach out to us if you would like to explore partnership together.  Our email: “hello at momentsq dot com”


AVM Lab is backed by Affiniti Ventures | AV(M) 


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