#MilaFilm is #MilaMovement with #MilaMoment

Introducing #MilaFilm and #MilaMoment… And #letsmakeadifference.

A good story, good inspiration can be told in various formats, media and with different purposes.  The magic of animation, interactive platform or simply some good doodling is a powerful and amazing storytelling tool.  It can convey a strong and meaningful message in a lighthearted way.  We can immerse the audience in a new universe in an intimate and personal way.   After all, it’s about the people; the characters or the protagonist would be our guide leading us into the journeys in that universe.  So here comes Mila.

Mila is a CG animated short about a little girl whose life takes an unexpected turn during WWII. It’s rare that animation takes on serious, complex matters such as War. Still, I believe animation is the perfect medium to tell this story set in my hometown, Trento (Italy). Mila is the story of a girl and two women during Trento’s bombing in 1943. I wanted to tell a war story not centered on armies, soldiers, generals, battle plans. I wanted to talk about civilians, and especially the children. The girl who inspired me to create this movie was a child during WWII. That girl is my mother.
– Cinzia Angelini, Director

With much deliberation and some great collaborative effort with Ciniza and her team in adapting the Milafilm and its story into an interactive game experience, #MilaMoment game finally comes live on #MomentSQ platform.  In #MilaMoment game, players can savor a good moment and a fruitful dialog and chat with Mila and some other characters crossed path with her in her adventures.  

Here is a sneak-peek into the #MilaMoment Game storyline & check out the #MilaMomentGame now


Will, Sarah and DJ have two passions in common – history and journalism. They found each other through the online school of journalism and have been friends ever since.

They are a team, and are dedicated to working hard and writing stories that bridge the gap between generations. Today (first game) marks an important day in their early professional careers. They meet with Mila, a child survivor of WWII that not only survived the war in Italy, but also lived an extraordinary life, full of adventures and incredible encounters. Mila helps them witness moments of the Second World War, as well as some of the most important and iconic historical events of the last 70 years.

The first game will be unique and structurally different from the others because it serves as an introduction to the kids and their project. Like the rest of the game, level one will also include a journey into the past, but be slightly shorter. This gives us a chance to properly introduce each of the characters, give the player a taste of what this game is about, and hook them with the adventure.

Other game levels will spend less time on the introduction and more on the adventurous flashback. The goal is to ask Mila to tell them a chapter of her adventurous life. Mila will use an old scrapbook to randomly pick a time of her life to remember. Through her memories, the user will be projected into a new adventure, immersed in a new culture, a different city or country each time. At each level, the player travels back in time to witness a major historical event of the last 70 years. Some examples are: From the Italian mountains to the North Sea; A year in Paris; Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on one of the biggest Cruise Ships of that time; Escaping Caribbean Pirates; Mila on Ellis Island; Discovering New York in 1952; The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall; and many more moments that could be politically and socially relevant in today’s world.

The scrapbook is an important, as it gives us the opportunity to surprise the player without constraining us to a linear timeline in storytelling. Its vintage photos, tickets, messages, Mila’s drawings as a child, and more can enrich the story visually.

The last element that keeps the game to a specific length, and serves as an excuse to come back to reality, is baking. Yes! Mila might be a US citizen now, but she never forgot her Italian roots. She inherited her mother’s and grandmother’s love of baking. Each time Will, Sarah and DJ visit Mila to continue the story, at the beginning of each game, a virtual clock will start. The clock represents the time that the cake Mila just put in the oven will take to bake. The baking time of the cake sets the ticking clock of our story. At the end of each game Mila will share a cake recipe with the other characters, and with the player. This will allow the player to feel satisfied, he/she will get their prize and will be more inclined to continue to play.


Mila: A 78 year-old woman, is a WWII survivor who, after the war, travels from country to country and witnesses some of the defining historical moments of the last 70 years. (Mila doll resembles a young Mila)

Sofia: The young woman who saved Mila during the war and became Mila’s new family. Sofia appears in the game only through Mila’s memories (No Sofia Doll).

DJ (Dante Jackson), 20, has an unlimited passion for photography. His mother, like Mila, is originally from Italy. His father is African American, raised and born in LA.

Will, a 21 year-old Caucasian, passionate about journalism. Will is originally from New York but lived most of his life in Hawaii. He recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream and become a journalist.

Sarah, 19, Will’s girlfriend, is half Latino, half German, passionate about history and WWII in particular. Understanding and knowing the facts helps her cope with being part descendent from a country that almost 80 years ago caused the largest conflict in mankind’s history.


Now come and play #MilaMoment 1st Moment (episode) for free, and don’t forget to check out some adorable #MilaMoment character collectibles.  They add more personal touch to Mila characters.