Blockchain in Gaming

Blockchain and crytocurrency, aka token revolutionalize various aspects of digital applications and also the economy of digital media, asset and goods.  Instead of crowdfunding, VC, or maybe IPO in the future, creative business can raise money in the open public market via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the fastest speed in history, this is a real game changer for creative or any early stage digital tech startups.  This is particularly impactful to the creative community because it is in a space facing most barriers in fundraising and getting financed.

Lordmancer II is a video game, a sequel title of a game doing modestly well among gamers but not commercially successful.  The game is only in softlaunch phase in Russia.

They raised almost US$111K from the community in 5 days.   Unlike Kickstarter projects or crowdfunding, the contributors to the ICO will enjoy the future value growth of the project.  We know the team for over a year, we are pleased with their progress and the potential of blockchain technology and token economy.  We finally decided this is the best way to work with this team to start and forge a long term partnership; we contributed the highest amount to this Pre-ICO round.  Stay tune for more.